Company History

1944: Allied Steel Products Company began operations as a small partnership doing mostly ornamental and miscellaneous iron work. After a few years, we began to fabricate light structural steel and eventually phased out the ornamental work.

1956: Allied Steel Products Company was incorporated in the State of California as Allied Steel Co., Inc., with David L. Karcher as President, and P. Tom Chapman as Vice President.

1973: Tom Chapman became President and purchased the outstanding shares of stock from Mr. Karcher. Over the next few years Tom Chapman was joined at the company by his sons who are running the company today.

1991: The Board of Directors elected Brian P. Chapman as President and Perry K. Chapman as Vice President. P. Tom Chapman retired and served as Chairman of the Board. The ownership of all stock is held within the Chapman family.

2011: Allied Steel Co sold its property located in Los Angeles and moved to its present location in Riverside, CA.

2014: P. Tom Chapman passed away at the age of 90.